Mini Zephyrs Club: Session 2, 2021

From AUD $499.00
  • Duration: 90 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Byron Bay, New South Wales
  • Product code: PSUN21

Mini Zephyrs Club - 2021, Session 2 (August-December, 2021)

  • Please note Mini Zephyrs Club 2021 is suitable for kids aged 4-12 years old (once enrollment is confirmed, we may split into separate age and/or experience groups).
  • The cost is $499 and includes 8 sessions (dates below)
  • Full payment is required to enroll and we are unable to provide any refunds or credits for sessions that are not attended.

Activities, vision, and learning

The idea of this morning club is to give kids an opportunity to join into an inclusive, relaxed and caring weekend club at an affordable price. This is otherwise a very expensive & time consuming activity/sport which is very hard for children to gain access to. We want to give them a holistic view on horses - what it means to take care of them and how much work goes into owning and riding horses. Just arriving and jumping on a pre-saddled horse to ride is not the way Zephyr wants to teach.

Some of the activities covered are:

  • Catching
  • Learning behavior and movement - for both the horses and student
  • Horsemanship 
  • Tacking up and gear prep / maintenance 
  • Feeding and diet
  • Brushing / grooming / hoof health (very important)
  • Activities on worksheets eg. learning names of gear/anatomy/industry talk
  • Riding and technique - including bareback

*Please note these activities will change weekly

Dates and times

Mini Zephyrs Club runs from approx 8.30am-10am on Saturdays. Please note once enrollment is confirmed, we may split into separate age and/or experience groups. The currently scheduled dates are below:

  • Saturday 14th August, 2021, 8.30-10am
  • Saturday 28th August, 2021, 8.30-10am
  • Saturday 11th September, 2021, 8.30-10am
  • Saturday 9th October, 2021, 8.30-10am
  • Saturday 23rd October, 2021, 8.30-10am
  • Saturday 6th November, 2021, 8.30-10am
  • Saturday 20th November, 2021, 8.30-10am
  • Saturday 4th December, 2021, 8.30-10am

*Please note these are subject to change due to weather etc.